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Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepping: It's Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

My son and daughter-in-law visited us for the Labor Day weekend. Last month's injection of cash helped them but the employment prospects are still less than optimal. Cash, as always, is in short supply. But I realized there were other assets.

I filled one of those $2 Styrofoam coolers you buy at Wal-Mart with meat from the freezer and grabbed a couple of 12-packs of canned vegetables from the shelf that I purchased at a commissary caseload sale. It's not much but it may save them a trip to the grocery store. Some of the #10 cans of freeze dried stuff may be next....

The point is that there are any number of emergencies that can happen besides a total meltdown: unemployment, illness, flu outbreak, blizzard or hurricane. Anything that disrupts our lives can make having a stockpile of food just one less thing to worry about. Having it on hand for TEOTWAWKI doesn't mean that a portion of it cannot be donated to someone who is dangerously close to exhausting their supplies due to a conventional crisis.

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