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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emergency Evacuation Checklist

Toilet paper
Whether you are evacuating due to a wildfire or hurricane, things get very confusing and hectic during as a result of the emergency. Having a checklist to run through will keep things organized and running smoothly.

Before You Leave

Fill your gas tank.
Charge your mobile phone.
Take cash, checkbooks and credit cards.
Take a back-up of your hard drive or computer files.
Get a map of your emergency route and have a plan B in case the orginal route is blocked.
Identify stopping points on your emergency route (gas stations, restaurants, etc).
Contact your emergency contact.
Take your G.O.O.D manual.
Take your 72 Hour Kit.

Evacuation Disaster Kit

Have These Items Inside the Car:

Emergency phone numbers
Drivers license or ID card
Money and credit cards
Proof of residence (utility bill, home deed, etc).
Prescriptions or medication
Mobile phone charger or car adapter
Food and drinks (extra water just in case).
Things to keep children busy (puzzles, books, drawing pad and pencils).
Papertowls in case of a spill.

If You Have Not Prepared a Vehicle 72 Hour Kit, At Least Have These Items In The Trunk:

Clothing for the season
Toiletries (toilet paper, soap, razors, etc).
First aid kit
Paper products
Tool kit
Disaster food supply
Battery operated radio
Papertowls in case of a spill.
10 gallons of gasoline

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