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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Survival Kitchen–How Do You Use All That Wheat?

You’ve stocked up with several buckets of vacuum packed wheat, but you don’t know how in the world you’ll use it all. You know wheat is a basic and necessary grain. The Egyptians made out pretty well with it thousands of years ago, so it should be a great survival food. But how many ways can you prepare it?
This week’s DestinySurvival Amazon Pick of the Week is a paperback book simply entitled How to Live on Wheat, by John W. Hill. It’s described as a cookbook, preparedness, and survival manual, all in a little over 100 pages.
Hill has put together a thorough reference, clearly written with numerous interesting recipes. Topics covered include:
* Food Storage
* Grinding Wheat into Flour
* Where to get Tools and Supplies
* Essene Bread
* Pan Bread
* Fry Bread
* Sprouting
* Sourdough
* Pasta
* Dumplings
* Biscuits and Pancakes
* Pizza Crust
* Baking
* Bread Making
* Improvised Bread Making
* Salads
* Gluten Meat Substitute
* Food Combination
* Cast Iron Cookery
…And more!
If you cook with whole grain wheat, why not get this book? For a few dollars, you’ll have an invaluable resource at your fingertips. To order How to Live on Wheat, click on the image of the book below and add it to your cart on the page where it’s featured.
Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of not knowing what to do with all that stored wheat. Discover how to be creative with wheat today and have the survival food edge for tomorrow.

How to Live on Wheat

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea that wheat represents. A compact food that can be stored for years (even centuries) and can be made into so many delicious foods. However I dislike the reality that is wheat. That is if TSHTF my wheat may not be so useful. For 99% of it's utility I need to grind it into flour and combine it with a leavening and cook it in an oven. Yes I know I can soak it and boil it and it's "edible" but it tastes like crap. I have tried to use wheat in the "non-flour" configuration and it just isn't so hot.
    Rice on the other hand begs to be included in a SHTF food storage plan. I can cook it with any food (meat, vegetable oil/fat) and it tastes great. I can cook it all by itself and it is tasty, pure energy for my body and filling. I can combine it with beans and it is a complete protein. If I have to I can cook it in an old tin can in the ashes of my campfire. If I have to bug out I will be taking rice with me not the wheat. If on the other hand SHTF means I still have my oven and other things I will need I do intend to make bread with it.