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Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to the basics

If you are to get through the cold times, I feel that it will be essential to define what it is you need. This will have to be done at every level of your life.

Because in a sense, we will be looking at a period of time where possessions and stuff will have to pull their weight. If you are dragging something along because it “is valuable” but it serves no purpose, that thing may very well be the weight that pulls you down.

Look at things and establish their true worth. What is more valuable, a cell phone or dried preps? Good boots or your wide screen TV? Blankets or a couple of bucks in your 401K?

It may very well be that the storm times will leave you swimming in strange currents, trying to get to the shore. You will need to choose things that will help you get to the edge, not drag you to the bottom.


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