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Saturday, March 21, 2009

How far can you go?

By Joseph Parish

I have always been very keen on imagining scenarios and events that can perchance curtail a necessary bug out. In fact, I pride myself in perceiving just how far I am able to travel safely when bugging out becomes necessary. By safely I mean a combination of an tolerable distance, mileage that is reasonable and the lack of un-necessary delays. Let me take a moment and go into a little further detail in relation to these requirements.

First off and to me the most imperative point is just how far I can journey safely. To me safely indicates that I can proceed onto my established itinerary and not be required to pause for gas. The key here then lies in just how many miles your vehicle can travel on a tank of gas. This distance is lengthened greatly if you have the potential to transport a considerable sum of gasoline with you.

Stopping at gasoline stations when you are bugging out can be not only hazardous but down right time consuming. You have hundreds of cars heading in the same route as you and many of them may perhaps be low on fuel at the same time as you are. That means some very long lines waiting to be refueled. Extended lines mean short tempers and frayed nerves. It doesn’t take too much to light a short fuse in situations such as these. People can only manage so much pressure before they start to break down. Additionally, you have to question whether the gasoline stations will run out of fuel prior to you getting your turn to fill up and what price they will charge when they take into consideration the supply and demand factors.

Mileage therefore to me is the distance that I can go on a solitary tank of gas whether it is 300 or 400 or even more miles before having to refuel. I have tried to maintain a bug out retreat within the mileage of my vehicles gas tank. I do not under any circumstance wish to stop if I can help it.

In emergency situations delays can be fatal and I advocate that everybody try their best to avert them. Suitable planning and common sense can pull you through the ordeal and you will be at your safe retreat in no time at all.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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