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Friday, March 27, 2009

The value of a cell phone for survivalists

By Joseph Parish

Cell phones can be a functional tool when united with your survivalist efforts. In my family we all have our own cell phones. Several are not formally turned on meaning that there is no time on them or they are not connected to any sort of network, but these phones still perform as a 911 relay. Many people are unaware that a non-connected cell phone can contact 911. The phone may not be able to summon your sister down the road or Aunt May residing across the country but each and every cell phone can call 911 if it is properly charged.

In the past when I had a conventional form of employment the cell phone was a versatile addition which saved us substantial time and money. If my wife realized that we needed something from the market all she had to do was provide me with a quick call.

In the past two months I have not experienced great luck towards locating another vehicle. The first one broke down on me within a week of signing the contract for it. Without the cell phone I would have been waiting for hours pending someone realizing that I was not at my planned point when I should have been. Instead I merely called road service and they were at my side within 45 minutes.

The second car was a conversion van and the previous owner failed to inform me that the gas line system was all rusted and after so many miles the van would immediately stop functioning. You can readily see the value of the cell phone in this case. Unfortunately, in these modern days we can not anticipate strangers stopping to offer assistance considering our nations increased crime rate.

In evaluating the benefits associated with a cell phone on the homestead, let’s consider for a moment that you fall and injure your ankle some distance from you cabin. You simply can not make it back to the porch and if you have a cell phone with you all you will need to do is make a quick phone call. Otherwise it is very likely that you could be sitting there waiting for an extended period of time.

You don’t have to spend a vast sum of capital for decent cell phone as you can effortlessly obtain pre-paid phones for less then $20.00. This is a small investment when you consider the safety of owning one. Your monthly upkeep on your cell phone could be as low as $10.00 according to how much you use it.

In regards to children having a cell phone. I am all for that concept. Even if the phone is only capable of calling 911 it provides you with a sense of satisfaction knowing that your child is always able to ask for emergency help if it was necessary. I know many schools have banned cell phones however I feel that as long as they are turned off they could easily be used in the event of an emergency. Think of the possible lives that could have been saved in many of the recent school massacres had the children had cell phones.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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