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Friday, March 20, 2009

Vision Prep - storing eyeglasses

nerdyguy02 Vision Prep - storing eyeglassesIf you’re like me and can’t quite make out that big E on the eye chart from 5 feet away without vision correction or even if you’re not quite that bad, this post is for you. Probably everyone that wears vision correction has thought about having a backup, but what about 5 backups? One backup is great for if you break or lose your glasses/contacts, that’s a great prep to have. But what if we’re in a TEOTWAWKI situation and you can’t get new glasses at all for a very long time? It costs a lot to get replacement glasses and it’s a huge investment - usually - now enter Zenni Optical.

This fantastic site sells nice looking frames complete with prescription lenses for $8.00. That’s right, 8 bucks - and these aren’t the huge 70’s frames that we used to wear, these are nice looking designer style frames. They have frames that cost more than 8 dollars, like the $12.00 collection but who wants to spend 12 bucks on glasses when you can just spend 8!? They’ve even got a children’s selection, a bifocal collection and my favorite - the goggle collection. The frames in these collections are more expensive.

To order, you need to have your prescription (specifically for glasses, not contacts) including your PD which apparently identifies your center viewing point or something and isn’t usually given out with your prescription. Read here for more information on this. You enter your prescription information in the shopping cart when you order glasses from them.

I’m going to be placing my first order with them next week. I’ve been collecting my kids prescriptions the last few days and have an eye appointment next week. I’ll be sure to make a follow up post to let you know how it goes.

I’m planning on eventually having 5 backups for each of my kids (kids are really hard on glasses) and at least 3 backups for my wife and I. I’m going to get me a pair of those goggles too, perfect for wearing in a gas mask! I strongly recommend that you have at least one if not more backups for each person in your family. Not being able to see REALLY sucks!


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