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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friendly Reminder...

Come January remember a few small things to ensure your families safety:

1.) Check/change/test all smoke detectors. Change the batteries and test functionality.

2.) Clean the dryer vent if you have a dryer in your house.

3.) Change the furnace filters.

4.) Do a visual walk around of your place. Pay particular attention to the foundation, windows, doors, utility boxes, outdoor outlets. Give everything a thorough once over. Make sure everything is as it should be and there is no rot, insect damage or any other potential issues.

5.) Go into your attic (if you have one) and visually inspect your roof from the inside. This will help you catch leaks before they turn into real headaches.

6.) Check your water heater/furnace/AC units and make sure they are all in good shape and clean them up a bit if needed. Check for leaks and if you live in a cold climate put insulation on your water heater to save some cash.

7.) Check your vehicles tires and make sure there is tread left and the tires are in good shape and not in need of replacing.

8.) If you have water storage I usually empty and refill once a year. If you don't want to empty and refill, toss a few drops of bleach into the water (amount varies by water volume).

9.) If you have a cat or dog schedule their rabies booster with your vet.

10.) If you have any gasoline stored add some Sta-bil to keep it fresh. Be careful how much you store...also pull out that generator and start her up if she hasn't been used in a while to make sure she works when you need her.

...that is all.


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