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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wheat bread Anyone?

Don't know how much of a food you eat? Try writing the date you open a package on the bag itself or in your calendar, then when the food is gone, compare back to the opening date.

Smitten Kitchen has a delicious looking recipe for wheat bread here; totally food storage friendly.

Besides making me long (as in 'want') for an iRobot, I enjoyed this article about the spiritual aspects of getting prepared from Food Storage and Preparation.

shared an informative article on ways to stay warm when the heater isn't working. Sounds like one big sleepover to me!

Washing clothes by hand is not on my top ten list of fun things to do, but Preparedness Brings Peace has a tutorial for what supplies you need and how to do it if there was an emergency situation.

Hannah and I recommend making a menu plan for your 3-Month Supply and shopping off of that, so you have specific meals you can use during an emergency situation. But if you like basic lists, check out Everyday Food Storage for a pdf file of 3-Month Supply basics.


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