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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to Basics

Being prepared isn't "rocket science"! It's just plain old common sense and a lot of hard work. Times are tough for a great many people and they probably aren't going to get a lot better for a pretty good while. You are going to need basic items to get you through these tough times and waiting for the balloon to pop may be too little, too late if you aren't prepared. It is time to get back to basics!

Man is too fragile a creature and needs help to prevent things from overwhelming his life. We all need shelter of some form to protect us. We need food and water. We need basic protection for our bodies from the various effects of nature and the weather and a proper amount of security to protect us from outside threats to our lives.

Stock up on some food while you can and as much as you are able. You probably need to get a few chickens for protein from eggs and meat. Build a small chicken tractor, i.e. a movable chicken coop, to keep them in or a more permananent enclosure if possible. Get some seeds and get that garden planted.

Get some barrels to use for rain water catchment. Make sure you've got plenty of items to filter and purify your water. You won't survive long without water. Store some extra water if possible.

Make sure you have your home in good shape and have an alternate place to go if possible because it may become necessary. Make sure you have some form of security in place. A couple of good dogs and a firearm for defensive purposes can come in real handy. A good set of door locks won't hurt either.

Make sure you got your basic requirements for first aid covered and are keeping yourself in good physical condition.

Make sure you've got your basic transportation in good shape so that it is dependable and will be ready if you need it. You can't travel very far without it.

Make sure you have some emergency cash on hand to help you get through tough times or in an emergency.

We all need the basics of shelter, food and water, health care, security, transportation and a means (cash) to secure whatever may be needed if our preparations fall short. Don't get distracted by media hype and the "smoke and mirrors" magic show that is going on right now. Don't rely on your elected representatives to help you. Their main interest seems to be their own self-interest and not yours.

You need to get back to basics in your preparedness and not let the distractions of stories in the media to get you off track. You don't really need them to tell you how things are going. Just ask your friends and neighbors or take a good look around you and you will see it.

There is an old saying "Actions speak louder than words." Time for a little less talk and good deal more action. It's time to get your preppin' in gear.

Staying above the water line!



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