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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fear and how it effects Survival

Scary guy to illustrate fearFear is a natural part of life and something that has been hard wired into our DNA to help us survive. The Fight or Flight response is what kept early man safe, and it can do the same for you in a survival situation. Remember, even the strongest of man can not run from fear, but learning how to use it can greatly increase your chance of survival.

When used in a healthy way, the chemicals our body creates in response to fear can motivate us to take the right actions. It can help warn us of danger, and give us an added boost of adrenaline to handle the situation. So anxiety can be good, but if not properly managed it can have disastrous effects on your chances of survival.

A Survivalist needs to learn how to control his anxiety to ensure his survival in any situation. If you allow fear and anxiety to get the best of you, it hampers your ability to make good judgments and sound decisions. This is why you need to learn techniques to manage your fears and calm yourself in any situation.

So what can you do to control anxiety?

The worst thing you can do is to pretend that you have no fears. Fear is not bad, how you respond to fear is what gets you into trouble.

  1. Think about what fears you have when it comes to survival.
    What scares you? What would cause the most anxiety if you were forced to survive alone?
  2. Figure out why these things scare you.
    Is it that you are not prepared? Do you lack certain skills to deal with the situation?
  3. Take those things that scare you and train yourself to eliminate the fear. For instance, if one of your fears is that you would not be able to get a fire going in an emergency, start practicing your fire making skills. Or maybe your scared of how you would handle being alone in the wilderness. In that case, start taking some hikes by yourself. Slowly start to extend your time in the wilderness until you have control over your fear.

Managing your fears requires you to do the things you fear the most. Training yourself will give you the confidence you need in a real world survival situation.


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