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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Preparing Children

Originally posted on The ReadyStore Blog


Preparing Children

We don’t want to think that bad things will happen and the thought of our children being scared or hurt is a painful thought to parents. But you can prepare your children by discussing possible scenarios and how they should respond. Our children mirror our own emotions. If we are upset and panicked, our children will be too. If we are calm and thoughtful, our children will act the same way.

Do regular drills. We try to do fire drills at least twice a year as well as earthquake drills since we live in earthquake country. We remind our children never to return to a building that is on fire as well as our family emergency plan.

Play the “what if” game. Ask your kids, “What if there was an emergency and you were stuck at school? What would you do?” Or, “What if you came home from school and mom wasn’t there and the house was locked? What would you do?” Talk about family rules and who they can go to if they are in trouble.

By talking to our children and giving them information, we give them the power to make smart choices in whatever situation they may face.


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