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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reference Manuals

I love using the Internet to find all types of information, I use it daily as a matter of fact. But, nothing compares to the warmth of a good book on a cold winter day. Cup of coffee (and one for each of you to0 ), my favorite chair (the one closest to the wood stove ) and a good book are all I need to be complete. I love books and have many. Our shelves are full of books that I have acquired over the years on various topics. I do, like most of you, have some favorites. These are the ones that sit on my chair side table at this moment. They are changed out every few days or so, so I can refresh myself on the things that I enjoy most. Nearly all of my books are reference manuals of some sort although I do have some non-fiction that I enjoy too.
The last few days reading have consisted of the 3 books below. I highly recommend them to all of my readers, packed full of useful information.
Can you ever really have enough first-aid knowledge?? I though you would agree.
I was amazed at the number of people that perish, ones that have a compass, and don't have any idea how to use it. The numbers are mind boggling. Always refresh myself on this skill from time to time.
How could anyone be without one. I have read this thing until the pages are worn. I have made numerous notes on nearly each and every page. I would never be without it, never.
I just wanted to share a few good reference books with you today, ones that could save your life or the life of a loved one. Now I don't keep these with me everywhere I go but I do refer to them often. A good knowledge of the skills offered in these books makes me feel a little safer in the fact that if the need arises, I will know what to do. Reading and learning from these is also a good way to prep for future events too, and the best part is, you can do it when it's cold outside, it's wet outside and you're BROKE !! lol I truly believe that knowledge is the most important preparation one can make.


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