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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cooking options

What options do you have for cooking should your normal kitchen stove not work? If you loose electric power, how will you cook? Will your gas stove/oven still work without electricity?

1. Electric oven/stove - Without electricity, provided you have no generator, your electric oven/stove will not work.

2. Gas oven/stove - If you loose electricity, the stove (top) part of your range will still work if you turn it on & light it with a match. If your gas oven uses a glow bar to heat with (most do), it will not work if the electricity goes out. Peerless Premier makes gas ranges that do not use glow bars for heat and will therefore work without electricy if you light the pilot light.

3. Woodstove - This is a great option for winter use. You can cook many meals on top of the woodstove. If you have an old fashioned wood cookstove, you can also bake in it. This requires practice so it's best to learn how to do it before the power goes out. Make sure you have an adequate supply of wood, kindling and matches. A good set of cast iron pans works well too.

4. Solar oven - A solar oven works well on sunny days. I highly recommend the Global Sun Oven. I have successfully made spaghetti, pork roast, pork chops, beef stew and a variety of other meals. You do need to pay attention to the orientation of the sun as it moves so that your sun oven is getting the full amount of sun possible.

5. Outside grill - propane, charcoal and wood - There are a variety of grill options available. There are some that are fancy enough to make bread, desserts, boil water, etc. If you are using propane or charcoal, make sure you have an adequate supply on hand. Wood is easy enough for most people to find. We've built a fire in a fire pit by collecting wood from the back yard.

There are a variety of other options you can make including a tin can stove but I haven't explored those. If you have experience with any of them, please feel free to share. And like anything else, learn how to use your options before you need them.


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