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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dangerous Drinks

By Joseph Parish

It has been suggested that specific soft drinks can provoke havoc with your health. As survivalists this can be extremely important for our preparedness plans. We of course are concerned about our families health and at the same time we are wondering about including soft drinks in our preparedness supplies. The existing allegation is that some of our marketed sodas may perchance be directly allied to grave cell damage.

This is not actually a innovative health alarm that has recently erupted over the value of soft drinks but more accurately a extensive ongoing research process which continually reveals fresh and worthy facts. Researchers in Great Britain have previously suggested that certain drinks such as Fanta or Pepsi Max contained specified preservatives which may hold the capability to toggle off critical portions of ones DNA. Although this is generally the type of problem which is viewed as a consequence of ageing or perhaps the abuse of alcohol, in either case it can ultimately lead to a condition recognized as cirrhosis of the liver or to degenerative Diseases like Parkinson's.

This information may well illustrate noteworthy consequences for thousands of people who continuously consume soft drinks. In addition it has also supported the perception that food additives are linked to augmented hyperactivity in today’s children.

The major concern centers upon sodium benzoate which is used as a preservative in a good number of carbonated drinks. This substance is derived from benzoic acid which occurs naturally within the berry family but is employed in massive doses to avert mould in sodas such as Oasis, Sprite and Dr Pepper. This is the identical product that is added to pickles to preserve them. Sodium benzoate is a key concern as a potential cancer risk since when it is mixed with vitamin C it becomes a carcinogenic well-known as benzene. The Food Standards survey which checked various drinks had found sizeable levels of this substance in four different brands of drinks which have since been removed from the market. Professor Peter Piper tested sodium benzoate impact upon live yeast cells and revealed that the benzoate was essentially damaging important DNA areas within the cells mitochondria. He affirmed that these particular chemicals can engender severe damage to the DNA and since there are inclusive groups of diseases that are tied to damaged DNA that represents a major health problem.

The professor has confirmed that the tests conducted by our Food and Drug Administration are obsolete. He concluded his investigations by advising parents to curve their children’s soft drink appetites to guarantee their safety. The decision is really up to the parents as one side says they are harmless while the other condemns them as a health hazard.

Next we as survivalists must determine if we care to maintain a supply of soft drinks in our emergency food rations as well. Only you may decide for yourself.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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