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Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Aid Stock Up List

How often does one of your kids get a fever and you realize you only have one dose of fever reducer in the cabinet? It’s important when preparing for any disaster scenario to be sure you’ve thought about the first aid items your family might need, and keep a supply available. Here’s a handy list of items I keep on hand.

Alcohol Wipes

Aloe Vera




Calamine Lotion


Cough Drops

Epsom Salt

Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrogen Peroxide





Numbing Throat Spray

Rubbing Alcohol



Vicks Vapor Rub

Ace Bandages

Band aids and Bandages in Various Sizes

Surgical Tape

Ice Packs

Heat Packs

Keep in mind this is what I store - these are the most common items my family uses for basic first aid. I have a rotation schedule for items that have an expiration date, especially the medications, but I know that in a pinch old stuff isn’t necessarily useless. I keep two sets - one near my bathroom on a closet shelf where it’s easily accessible, and one stored away in a plastic bin for safety in an earthquake, or other disaster where it could be crushed. I also keep some of these items in my car’s first aid kit and a small version in our survival bags.

Make a list and stock up when you have a few extra dollars. If you buy one item every week, the impact is small. Keep your supplies in a cool dark place and rotate regularly. Keep items out of reach of children, especially if they’re stored in your car. Be safe and prepared.


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