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Monday, April 13, 2009

foil pouches

Foil pouches or Mylar bags are a great choice for longer-term storage repacking. They are lightweight, adaptable and reusable. Any dry food (10% or less moisture) can be placed into these bags, which come in many different sizes, and sealed for long-term storage.

It is easy to repackage bulk foods using these pouches. You can borrow a sealer from LDS Home Storage Centers, your local LDS congregation or you can purchase one (LDS Distribution and Amazon both offer these sealers) for $100 to $300 dollars. Pouches, depending upon the size, cost around $.50+ each. Oxygen absorbers should be used inside of the pouches to remove all oxygen. Foil pouches are not rodent-proof. I would recommend that you store the filled pouches in a food-grade plastic container to provide a second line of defense against rodents.

These pouches are made of aluminum and lined with food grade plastic. Once you open the pouch, it is easy to reseal or reuse them if you've purchased a sealer. Some have stated that you can use an iron to reseal these pouches, but I don't recommend doing this because of the following statement at Provident Living, "Do not use an iron or another household heating device because it will not provide an adequate seal, especially for powdered products such as flour or dry milk."

Here is a link with more information about foil pouches, including pictures and instructions, at Provident Living.


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