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Friday, April 10, 2009

Necessary Equipment & Supplies

We all know food and water are important, but what about the larger things? The non-consumable resources? What should we make sure we have in case of emergency?

1. A woodstove - In a cold environment like Vermont, you need some type of heat source that isn't tied to electricity, oil or propane. A fireplace is pretty but it doesn't heat a house worth beans.

2. A way to cook - solar oven, woodstove, gas stove without a glow bar, outside grill or fire pit. Either of these is good or maybe even several of them depending on the weather and the situation you're prepping for.

3. Light source - solar lamps, wind up lantern, flashlight, candles, oil lamps, etc. Make sure you have enough supplies to go along with them.

4. Tools - Non-electric, non-power tools just in case. Do you have the tools needed to make basic repairs in case of a power outage? Hand saw, hand drill, shovels, rakes, etc?

5. Cleaning supplies - vinegar, baking soda, felsnaptha, washing soda, borax, bleach, etc. Whatever it is that you clean with or use to make your clean supplies.

6. Personal care items - razors, feminine needs, soap, shampoo, deoderant, chapstick, lotion, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, gauze pads, first aid supplies, etc. How about non disposable alternatives for long term use? Do you have supplies to make the non disposable alternatives?

7. Pet food & supplies - How about food for the pets? Cat litter? Extra food for the farm animals? Extra hay? Bedding?

8. Extra seeds for long term use. Who knows how long the emergency will last? Do you have at least an extra year's worth of seeds just in case?

9. Reading material for your favorite topics? What happens if the internet goes out long term? All those bookmarked sites are great until you have no internet. Pick up a few good reference books just in case.

10. Entertainment - What happens with no tv, no internet, no electricity? What do you do on a long, cold, rainy day inside? Can you or the kids occupy yourself all day with no electricity? How about cards, games, art supplies, puzzles, craft items, marbles, jacks, etc.?


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