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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick food storage camouflaging

By Joseph Parish

I am one of the privileged people that has a separate food storage area however many people lack the suitable space to stockpile even small quantities of food let alone to provide storage for a complete years supply. Their shelves and closets are required for necessary items such as clothing and dishes. This just does not leave extra places to put those cans of food. It is thus apparent that one must exercise their imagination to create a means for storing that extra food in the event that an emergency situation presents itself.

The key in situations such as these is to properly hide your food storage operations. There are certain items you will find necessary in order to pull off this disappearing act of your food storage space. You will require several large buckets as well as a few table clothes. Should you desire you could use plywood or glass tops on your buckets.

You must initially organize the various food storage assets within several different classes. Those items which you would make use of on a regular basis and those which can be stored. The stored items would include occasionally used foods such as those used on a monthly timetable. Create an inventory list and separate the items into the two groups.

Place those items designated as not likely to be used regularly into a large bucket to be stored away. These items may include sugar, powdered milk, spaghetti noodles, flour, oatmeal and any additional varieties of oats or noodles. Maintain a small canister in your kitchen which contains these items for your everyday use and when your backup begins to run low refill the canisters.

The simplest way to accomplish this storage magic is to use a large plastic bag. Place the bag inside your large bucket and begin filling it with your food products. When full tightly wrap the plastic bag and secure the end of it to keep most of the air out. Place the lid of the bucket on it and close it securely.

In order to hide these containers you could arrange several buckets in a fashion that would resemble a coffee table. This can be placed in the front of your couch merely by placing two side by side. Next place a table cloth on them which compliments your living room decor. Be sure to completely cover your buckets. For additional stability you could place a plywood top on the buckets prior to placing the table cloth on them.

Should you desire a side table you simply place four of the buckets in a line placing them two by two. Again to increase the stability a plywood top can be used. Place your table cloth now on top of the plywood and let it hang down to the bottom off the buckets.

You could also easily use the buckets to make shelves. Basically place two buckets at the bottom approximately five feet apart and then place a wooden board six feet long on the top of the buckets. Stack two additional buckets on the top of the board aligning them with the previously set buckets. Continue this until you have achieved the number of shelves that you desire.

Should you not like the appearance of the buckets when used as a shelf, you could place a stained or painted board in the front of the buckets and hide them. You could still get to the buckets from the side. The secret of hiding your food storage is merely using your imagination to the fullest.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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