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Friday, April 10, 2009


SHELTER is by far one of the top 3 things a person needs to know here are a few of my favorits----(sorry i had to post photos off internet will make these at home next time im there)

lash pole is one of the easyst to build it will keep ol mother nature at bay. note how the rafters are embeded into the ground with smaller limbs interweved with leaves throun on top. use of evergreens will help keep roof in place

next below is the lean to as you see very easy to buil takes about 30 min you can use your tarp to cover .evergreen brows on the floor will keep you toasty.

next is the pile thats what i call it no planning needed just pile a bunch of ground cover and wiggle into it use your pack to block entrence the tighter the better your body heat will keep you toasty try it with a large pile of leaves .

now you have the basics its totaly useless if you dont put it to use .Dont wait till you need the shelter go to the woods build all three at least once. now be sure to tear down afterwards be eco smart dont let outhers see your work keep the woods clean these shelters are 100% eco frendly:):):):) I will build all tree and take detailed photos. REMBER PRATICE MAKES PERFECT---MADDOG


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