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Friday, April 10, 2009

What are we prepping for?

So just what are we all prepping for? I've been doing a lot of reading online about what's going on in the world around us. It seems a lot of interesting things are happening that aren't making it to our local newspaper.

How do we know just what we should be stocking up on or preparing for? Will what we chose to have be different depending on what we think the threat is? I think the basics of food, water and first aid will stay the same regardless.

Economic colapse? Seems like with the way the world's economy is going, this is certainly a possibility. If this happens we should probably have a stash of money that is not in the banking system in case our bank goes belly up like the one in Kansas did. I know technically the FDIC insures our deposits, but how long would it take to get that money back if it did fail? Maybe we should also stockpile some things to barter just in case. Extra lamp oil, extra food, etc. Whatever you think the hot commodity will be if people cannot get things easily.

Pandemic? Bird flu is still out there and there are still cases of it being reported in other countries. It may only be a matter of time before it reaches the United States. What do we need in case of a pandemic? Masks, extra first aid supplies, water purifier? We'll certainly want to make sure we don't have to leave the house for anything if this hits the US. Do you have enough supplies at home to stay there for an extended period of time?

Foreign Invasion/Takeover? Now that the US has given China eminent domain in exchange for China continuing to purchase our US Treasury notes and currency reserves, who knows how long it will be before they exercise that choice? What will we need in this case? Of course, there is always the threat of invasion from Middle Eastern countries like what happened on 9/11.

EMP Pulse? Iran now has nuclear capabilities and has the capability of setting of an EMP pulse above the US which will basically wipe out our electronic capabilities. Think of it... no tv, radio, internet, electricity, propane, gasoline, communications, satellites. We'd basically be plunged back into the 1800s. Can you survive without our modern day conveniences? Heat your house, cook your food, wash your clothes, locate food & water, travel, etc.?

Nuclear war? I don't feel anywhere near informed enough to comment on this possiblity. Depending on your location, it may simply be a matter of staying inside for a long period of time but what would happen to the rest of the world? Our food supply, the soil conditions, animals, water supply, civil unrest, health issues?

Whatever you believe may or may not happen in our future, don't put off preparing any longer. Even if all you do is grab an extra can of tuna fish & a bag of beans each week, start now.


1 comment:

  1. Invasion? By China? They own the U.S. Federal and state buildings, collateral. Dollar falling and that 8 grand you have turns into being worth 800 is worth fear. Leaving country now also is not option; passports required.

    I'd say that if the people of the U.S. were actually aware of where their country is heading, there would be riots in the streets. Maybe SSRIs have infiltrated their drinking supply or they are drunk from an 8 year spending spree. Whatever the case may be, the Americans have a duty, a responsibility to the founding fathers, to get back on track.

    Where are the leaders? Are they so laden with skeleton-filled closets, that media exposure would ruin them, affairs, tax evation, dark sides and drinking problems. The "perfect" leader will never exist.

    Take a closer look at who we are getting our news from. Be so very careful that what you are being told is from a reliable and objective source or have multiple sources and decide for yourself (for a change). Rush and Bill, Keith, Anderson - they are quite rich and without this BS we are experiencing, billions would be lost by networks.

    Find the man or woman in your small town who has chosen the high road and made sacrifices without complaint or ulterior motive (prop), who is just the kind of person who realizes that the future children will pay dearly, made into slaves, ruin off their land, taxed 70 percent, shortages of jobs, food and without a FICO score, a decednt plate to live.

    The american people need someone to stand up and say: Love or leave the U.S. The enemy is not the democrats nor republicans but the communist country who would only need to create a new consumer base (Russia) via easy credit to continue their manufacturing and exporting required to keep the Chinese people self reliant and taxes for the govt.

    So much going on. A war would ruin any chance of recovery. Get the duct tape out and wrap it around the state of Israel before they push the envelope exactly as far as Iran and bin laden, Hamas and most everybody would like to justify a full fledged attack which wiped Israel right off the map, who doesn't know this?

    The children is why we become civilized. Our ancestors and their suffering is why we attempt to do better.

    Anyone can be bought, said my rich exhusband. Corporate America has turned into organized crime family and bought the politicians.

    Solution: Free assets and take depositions. Emails and cell phone records, passport stamps, cash coming in and cash going out. Thieves will be easy to find and the innocent who got rich off 8 years of bad information (media must be responsible as well, I mean, hey, the media's job is to be nosy. TMZ, enquier, CNN, they all got rich too and with a wink and a nod, pulled out of the stock market.

    This was staged on a grand scale.

    And you people in america will be fighting burly men raping and pillaging through your town. Too few law enforcement and you are on your own. Buy a gun, a big dog, bars on windows, water water, bury food, hope no one runs you out of your home and a grocery cart abandoned under a bridge brings tears of joy to your eyes.

    Civil uprising is the only thing which will cause a govt to think in their best interests when life at the top is like heaven (and it is). Where to get money? Take others' in the form of bait and swith, devious men with no loyalties much have thought.