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Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Food You Should Stockpile for Survival.

Survival Center has a lot of great information on what food you should purchase now to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Here are a few examples from the site:

- 25- and 50-pound bags of rice. A staple in many countries, it could be yours during the bad times. Rice is one of the few foods that no one has allergies to, plus it is an excellent source of nutrients. And let's face it, most of us don't live where we can grow rice.

- 25-pound bags of flour. Although grains are better to store than flour, this is fine if you do a lot of baking already. You can bake your way through the bag and always have some ready in an emergency.

- 5-pound bags of complete pancake mix. These are great because all the ingredients are ready to go, just add water (Make sure you get complete, you don't want the kind where you have to add eggs.) Muffins and other mixes are also available, but it's a lot easier to cook pancakes over an open fire or camp stove than muffins!

- 5-pound canisters of peanut butter. A favorite for kids and adults, plus you don't need refrigeration. Don't keep 'em forever or they could go rancid, but a good product to rotate in your every-day pantry. Add some crackers to your stash, too.

The Survival Center has many other ideas on what types of food stores you should buy for your survival pack.

Here is a unique cookbook that focuses on how to cook with the food that you store. It's called, Cookin' with Home Storage


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