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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Audio Podcast: The Modern Survival Philosophy

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So what is a modern survival philosophy? A way of thinking and acting that improve your lifestyle and self sufficiency even if nothing ever goes wrong. At the same time if something does go wrong you have insured as best you can against it.

Tune in today to hear these 10 key tenants

  • 1. Everything you do to “prepare”should improve your life even if nothing goes wrong
  • 2. Debt is financial cancer!
  • 3. Growing your own food is for everyone not just hippies
  • 4. Tax is theft
  • 5. Food stored is an exceptional investment.
  • 6. Plan for disaster in the following order of priority - Personal- Neighborhood-Small Region-Large Region-National-Global.
  • 7. Renewable energy is great but do it for independence and for positive economic results.
  • 8. Owning land is true wealth.
  • 9. Take pragmatic steps like, cash emergency funds, good insurance and secondary income streams and make them part of your planning.
  • 10. Your personal philosophy is more important for you than mine!

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