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Thursday, May 7, 2009

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Camp Stove

By Richard Runion

There are various ways you can insure that you get great performance from your camp stove:

1. Select the right stove:
Where do you plan to go on your camping trips? How many people do you plan to cook for? You need to answer these questions before deciding on the stove you want to buy.

2. Portability:
You won't want to lug a heavy stove around when you trek. So, a light-weight stove is the best choice, unless you have a vehicle to help transport it around.

3. Fuel Type:
Choose a fuel that's easily available, with refills you can carry. For instance, propane is a popular fuel available in mot camping stores. Also, a fuel that generates more heat will help you conserve fuel. Butane and propane meet this requirement. Weather conditions can also influence your choice of fuel. For instance, white gas is better in cold weather. Look for a stove with multiple fuel options.

4. Multi-burner:
A single burner stove may suffice if you trek alone or have to cook for very few people. A multiple burner stove will allow you to cook more than one thing, simultaneously, saving time, and effort.

5. Brand-value:
Buy a camp stove manufactured by an established brand that's been around for many years. That way you can be more certain of getting a quality product that works. Also, a reputed brand is likely to offer a wide choice of models, giving you different fuel and burner options.

6. Price:
This should not be a restrictive factor, if buy a quality product. The important thing is to get value for money.

7. Warranty:
Look for a life-time warranty on the stove you buy.


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