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Monday, November 22, 2010

Check Those Winter Vehicle Kits

Taken in Megeve, France
With winter fast approaching and freezing weather already having hit much of God's country it would be a good reminder to spend some time tomorrow winterizing your vehicle kits. Don't let those water bottles freeze. Reduce them by half and squeeze the sides in so if they do freeze they will have room to expand. Make sure you have warm clothes and what ever type of hand warmers you like.

Don't forget to check the anti-freeze with a hygrometer so you know how low you can go. Limbo anyone? You can pick them up at any auto parts store and they are pretty cheap.

A large bag of kitty litter can be used if you get stuck in the snow. While it won't always work it can give you some traction on snow and ice. A small snow shovel can come in handy as well.

Finally, if you do get stuck don't forget to only run your engine 10 minutes out of every hour. Make certain the exhaust is clear and snow hasn't covered it. And leave your window down about an inch so some fresh air can circulate while you're running the engine.

Ya'll know the drill so I just thought I'd toss out a reminder.
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