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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Prevent Infection in Wounds |

 Sometimes the littlest things can cause the biggest problems. I was working around the house and was moving somethings around in the shed. I picked up a fishing rod and the hook broke free and jabbed me in the finger. The puncture was so small I thought nothing of it and kept doing my thing. Two days later my finger ballooned and started throbbing. The end result, as seem in this picture, was for the doctor to rip my fingernail off and lance the bottom portion of my finger in order to allow the infection to drain our of my finger. I've included a link to eHow that discusses how to prevent infections in wounds. With the infections becoming more resilient and less reactive to antibiotics this is something everyone, including myself, should take more seriously.

How to Prevent Infection in Wounds |
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