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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Utility Shut Off and Safety

Thank you Lee Lloyd for allowing me to post this on our blog (and thanks to Tonya for demonstrating this on Friday night!!)


In the event of a disaster, you may be instructed to shut off the utility service at your home.
Do you know how to turn off your main water valve? Your electricity? Your gas?

Attached is some information that will help you in a natural disaster or even a problem that could become a disaster in your home at anytime such as a leaky water heater, faucet, tripped circuit, gas leak and many other problems. Just become familiar with these 3 things (water, natural gas, electricity) to protect your home, yourself, pets, and/or your family. It only takes 5 minutes to learn where these things are and 5 seconds or less for a disaster to destroy everything.

*The pictures on the attached email are actual photo’s from my (Lee Lloyds) house. Most all of yours should look very similar.

Here is the 3 page PDF for you to print out and learn how to shut off your utilities!

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