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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wilderness Survival Kits - Basic Necessities

Just because a company may say that their wilderness survival kit can double as an emergency kit, you should do your due diligence and take note of what is contained within it. For the most part, if you want an emergency survival kit, you should specifically look for one that is just made for that purpose.

Otherwise, you will likely have to shuffle around some of your own products and survival gear for the wilderness is for the most part, not the same as survival gear for unfortunate natural disasters to your home.

However, there are some items that may be great for use in both types of kits. Here are some reminders to note when buying a basic survival kit.

It is very efficient to have a kit that contains all the basic supplies. Bottled water, a good quality knife, a lighter, a signal light, a compass, spare batteries for your flashlight. Basic pain-fever medications, bandages and hand sanitizers are some of the things that are highly recommended to be inside your survival kit.

Your survival kit must contain items that are of good quality. You must ask first the company that manufactured the items inside your kit. To avoid from getting lost, your compass must be working well. Your pocket knife must be really sharp and is made with robust handles.

Make sure that the number of items stated in the label of your survival kit is correct. Some distributors are adding up the number of the most invaluable item inside the kit. They do this in order to make the kit look bigger that the other kits. Also, make sure that the items are enough for you to consume.

The items inside your kit must be versatile. Items that can be used in different ways must be included in your kit. Never choose a low priced kit over an expensive kit. If you buy a low-priced kit, it will be a hit and miss game but you will not know the verdict until you are in real need of the supplies that are contained within.

You are never sure of the item's quality if you buy a low-priced kit. See to it the items inside your kit are not expired. Always check the dates and change them out for new ones when they expire. Most of the time, you can use the soon to be expired supplies up in normal everyday use so, in that way, you are not wasting them by just throwing them out.

Your items must be convenient to use. In an emergency, a fast or speedy action must be maintained. Try buying a couple of kits. Other kits might have items that are not included inside the other kit. It is better to be ready at all times.

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