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Friday, November 19, 2010

You might be a survivalist if…

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You might be a survivalist if…

1.) You built a log cabin with your pocket knife.

2.) You carry more than one survival kit…just in case.

3.) You can reload your ammo with a multi-tool.

4.) You have a flashlight on your keychain and your shotgun.

5.) You know a dozen ways to start a fire and still carry a Bic lighter.

6.) You don’t consider calling 911 a survival option.

7.) You never consider yourself lost, even if you don’t know where you are…yet.

8.) You filter and purify the water from a public fountain before drinking it.

9.) You have a wardrobe with only one color…camouflage.

10.) You like to practice building a shelter during thunderstorms.

11.) You prefer reading material that has survival in the main title.

12.) You have more home security measures than most prisons.

13.) You prefer wild game suppers when dining out.

14.) You have a dozen can openers but like to open your cans without one.

15.) You have a first aid kit with only two band-aids and a package of aspirin.

16.) You can’t wait for the sun to go down so you can test your new flashlight.

17.) You have considered using the neighbors’ pets as pistol targets and an emergency food source.

18.) You have an observation post in the backyard disguised as a tree house for your kids.

19.) You have an emergency cash fund bigger than your bank account.

20.) You serve MRE’s to your relatives when they visit.

21.) You carry a compass when you go to the shopping mall with the wife…so she doesn’t get lost.

22.) You have almost as many knives in your collection as your wife has in her kitchen.

23.) You have more ammunition in your gun safe than most stores have on their shelves.

24.) You have more plants in your yard with big, ugly thorns than flowers.

25.) You constantly check the water quality of the pools in your neighborhood for drinking purposes.

And lastly, you read Riverwalker’s blog, Stealth Survival.

Staying above the water line!

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