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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guest Post: P.O.W. Camp Barter Items

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     During a crisis or collapse, many would have to resort to barter.
     Barter has been discussed back and forth with everyone throwing in their two cents on what would be good barter items.
     In German POW camps during WWII, the top three barter items were:
  1. Cigarettes.  Keep in mind that they do turn stale.  Additionally many less people smoke today than sixty five years ago, on a percentage basis.   Store tobacco seeds and then grow it after the SHTF. 
  2. Soap.  This is going to be one of the things that everyone forgets about, (probably because of its non-glamorous nature) or does not have enough of.   I would rather stock lots of bars than try to make it.
  3. Chocolate.  Definitely!  There are hordes of sugar addicts today.  Take a look at the candy aisles at Wal Mart.  If they were not selling all that junk, it would not be there.  Stock lots and lots of chocolate!  And sugar!   Learn to be a Bee keeper.
     Of the three items, using a contrarian viewpoint, soap would be the best item.  How many times have you read that someone is stockpiling bars of soap?  Hardly ever.  Stock the item that will be in short supply and high demand.

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     I want to thank Andrew for allowing me to post this at his website.

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