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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Datrex Emergency food ration bar review

These are Datrex Food Rations. If your familiar with Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies, they smell EXACTLY the same. As far as taste goes, they are very loosely compressed so they can fall apart easily and are not a sweet as chessman cookies. My Wife says they taste like Italian cookies (which I've never had so I'll have to trust her on that one).

Each mini-bar is 200 calories, The white blocks are
2400 calories (about $4.50) and the blue packages are 3600 calories $6.95.

They seem to promote thirst a little bit more than the Mainstay Bars and another difference is the package itself. The Datrex are split up into smaller, self contains 200 calorie bars where as once you open up the mainstay, its ALL open.
Im comfortable with having both Datrex and the Mainstays as part of either a vehicle kit or just to have handy. Review of the Mainstay bars will be up shortly.

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