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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prepper find of the week!

Canadian TireI just love it when stores make mistakes in our favor.

I'm picking up a gas can at Canadian Tire and decide to browse their ammo section and see what might be on sale. While looking at .22LR ammo, I see 2x 500 round boxes on for .....$2.99 ea?!?

Of course, I buy both and ask if they have any more in stock. She says they have another 18, but she's not sure where they put the over-stock.

I take my find out to my vehicle and decide to go back in and buy all they have. After waiting 20 minutes, she comes back to say that not only can they not find the other boxes, but she has been told to retrieve the boxes I purchased as they discovered their pricing mistake. LOL

I'm disappointed I didn't get them all, but I'm still happy about 1000 rounds for just over $6.00 with tax. And the look on her face when I told her, "Sorry, those are mine and I have a receipt to prove it" was just priceless. ;)
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  1. Great score!!!...told to retrieve the boxes you purchased is hilarious

  2. Better story from about 20 years ago:
    I got 10,000 rounds (20x500) for 20 times the price of a box of 50 rounds.