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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fire Starting Kit

A few of weeks ago I had a comment which asked about fire-starting kits.
There are numerous ways to start a  fire when needed – however there are a couple that I like and use.
My favorite method is to ignite petroleum jelly covered cotton balls within a cardboard shroud. The ingredients for this simple tool is seen below: petroleum jelly, toilet paper cardboard rolls, cotton balls, a Ziploc bag, and matches.
firestarting, fire starting kitComponents for my fire starting kit
Making the kit is easy – just a few steps:
  1. Cover cotton balls with the Vaseline and stuff them inside the toilet paper roll cardboard tube.
  2. Do another one – just in case
  3. Place both tubes inside the zip-loc bag.
  4. Place the matches or Bic lighter inside the bag
  5. Now – zip the bag up so that your kit will be very water resistant.
Cover the cotton balls with the petroleum jelly
Stuff the cotton balls inside the cardboard tube
Kit complete - 2 fire starting tubes
Now – to use your kit – simply remove a tube from the bag – tear open the tube and lay the tube & cotton balls wherever you want your fire to be. Cover with some dry tinder – and light the cotton balls.
One of the tubes is up under there
Can you say..............FIRE!!
This method really works pretty well. It is not uncommon for Mrs. Rourke to get out the cotton balls and Vaseline to start a fire in the fire pit.
Of course – lighter fluid works pretty well too. :)
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