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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Free Online Survival Guide

WMD world map
So after writing here on the boards for over one year I have completed a number of different articles on various subjects related to survival. This is the first basic structure of the Guide and I will keep working on it, adding more information and new articles. It’s my intention that the Guide will provide a free resource for anyone how interested in the field of survival, crisis preparedness and survivalism.

I would like to thank all members of the Survivalist Boards for their advice and the insights that they have brought to different subject. I have enjoyed writing the articles and hope that some people will find it useful. I’m hoping that we will eventually get a Survival Wiki here on the boards so that we can start writing articles and guides together in a more structured and organized way. With such a tool I really think that we could take the boards to the next level.

The Guide:
Chapter One
1.) Get the ability to cope with a Crisis Situation
2.) Risk Assessments
3.) The Media in a Crisis or Survival Situation
4.) How you can reduce your own vulnerability
5.) Travelling with vehicles during a crisis or survival situation.
6.) Staying warm during a survival or crisis situation
7.) Light during Emergencies and Survival situations

Chapter Two – Water and Food
1.) Water
2.) Food and Starvation

Chapter Three – Bugging Out
1.) Bug Out Guide and Checklist
2.) Light Weight Bug Out Bags
3.) Bugging Out as a Group
4.) Bugging Out Using Bikes

Chapter Four
1.) Equipment list for your home – Check List
2.) Pocket Survival Kits
3.) Survival Knives
4.) Equipment and Techniques to start a Fire
5.) Scandinavian Survival Equipment

Chapter Five
1.) Human Conflict, Wars and Survival
2.) Peace Building and State building missions
3.) Private Military Companies, Private Security Companies and Mercenaries

Chapter Six – Weapons of Mass Destruction
1.) Biological weapons
2.) Chemical weapons
3.) Nuclear weapons

Chapter Seven
1.) The Collapse of Civilizations and Societies: Part One
2.) The Collapse of Civilizations and Societies: Part Two

Chapter Eight
1.) Peak Oil

Chapter Nine - Natural Disasters
1.) Earthquakes
2.) Volcanoes
3.) Tsunami

Chapter Ten - For Swedish Survivalists
1.) For Swedish Survivalists

All articles that I have written can also be accessed in the thread “Take it to the next level from the basics”. Thanks for a great site! Hopefully together we will make it even better!
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