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Friday, December 17, 2010

Automobile Survival Supplies

By Joseph Parish
Disasters continually arrive upon our doorstep disguised behind a variety of types and severities. Usually we take delivery of these potentially devastating conditions with no prior warning as to the potential emergency before it happens. When these sudden impacts strike us suddenly we as individuals and as responsible communities must be prepared up to and including the appropriate survival kits. 

It is not unusual for disasters to suddenly materialize while one is on the road traveling possibly to or from a place of employment. These prospects are especially predominant with upcoming winter snowstorms which can occur at any time. In this case, a winter car survival kit would provide you with a sense of security and a measure of protection until support personnel could transverse to your location. In many emergencies these kits could mean the difference between life and death.
It can be assumed that whether at home or in your auto you should always maintain sufficient supplies of food and water. Make certain that you keep enough for all members of your family. Maintain enough food supplies in your car emergency kit to last you and your occupants for up to 3 days. There are several types of foods which would maintain your life until help were to arrive at your location, these include amongst others enough 2400 calorie food bars for every individual in the family. Be sure to purchase foods which will last for a long time in order to prevent the continual hassle of replacing them at preset intervals. You should maintain enough water to last until you are rescued. A quick note on the water supply is that during the peek winter months you may need to check the water and rotate it with supplies from inside the home. Water can and will freeze up during the cold winter season while sitting in your auto.  

You would find several types of books of great value in emergencies. These include a car owner’s manual as well as the repair book for your particular vehicle. Naturally, the book would be useless unless you keep a general set of tools in your car as well. The repair manual and the tools are needed items in the event of a potential car break down and your vehicle requires a bit of minor repair work. The enclosed operator’s manual could help you in the event of a lack of familiarity with the car as result of it being new and perhaps recently purchased. 

Among your tools you might wish to include a section of tow rope. You will appreciate this addition, if you become stranded on the highway. If you happen to get a flat fire you would find a spot light and the necessary equipment to fix the flat of great value. Items such as a tire pressure gauge, a fuse tester and of course a variety of screwdrivers and wrenches could be just what’s needed to quickly get you back on the road after a breakdown.
Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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