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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Survival Improvising

By Joseph Parish 
Usually most of us are accustomed to jumping in the family car and visiting one of our local stores in order to obtain items for our various needs. In general, most of the minor items which are needed for our day to day survival are fairly inexpensive to replace when wore out or damaged. This is assumed that we are discussing normal circumstances here. 

Our normal process is to replace items as necessary however there will likely come a time when this practice simply will not work. Perhaps there will not be a store to purchase them from or maybe we simply can not find any of the necessary items anywhere. What will that mean to us as survivalists? It means we will need to improvise whenever we can.

An excellent way to practice this concept is to take one item and brainstorm to see how many other uses you can put that item too. Look around you and carefully observe all the natural things that appear to you. Ask yourself what can you use these items for? Once again create multiple uses for anything you can. 

The good news is that in order to increase your chances at surviving your predicament you can let your imagination run wild, add a little creativity and in the end you should be able to devise your own basic survival necessities. The process of improvising in an emergency is going to be one of your foremost needs. By the process of improvising you or your group will be able to make many of the needed pieces of equipment that may be required for your survival and wellbeing. 

One’s military training often provides them with logical steps which should help anyone that needs to quickly improvise under emergency conditions. Your first step should be to determine exactly what it is that you need. When making this determination be as specific as you can. Now that you have some idea as to what you need to improvise take stock of your supplies and the various materials you have on hand. Follow this up with a compiled list of options which you have at you disposal. Pick one of the options that you have reviewed and base your decision on sound judgment. Consider only those which are based upon making the most from your available time, the energy that you have and the use of the materials at hand. Finally, proceed with your established plan and once your project is completed ensure it meet your needs. 

There you have it in a brief and concise manner how you should attempt to accomplish your improvising task when confronted with the lack of necessary supplies and equipment. Get into the habit of watching all around you and thinking of how things you see can be best put to use.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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