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Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping Warm In Winter Tips

The Uk, is in the midst of its worst winter for 17 years. The majority of the country is deep in snow with two degree temperatures during the day and minus four at night so far. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit this topic. So heres some of my tips, and I would gladly hear yours:

. Layer your clothes - remember they will also need to be in bigger sizes the more you put on.

. Drink lots of hot drinks and have plenty of carbohydrate rich food.

. Wear a hat even in doors, the back of the neck is very vunerable to the cold drafts.

. If you are shivering and stop, it maybe the start of hypothermia, especially if you feel sleepy, so act accordingly to get warm.

. Have a hot water bottle wrapped up next to your chest to keep your core warm. Be careful if your a diabetic with this - my father ended up loosing his toes because he used one (for those who dont know, they cant feel when they get burnt on their feet and any blister just doesnt heal well and takes years to do so).

. Get active, sitting will just make you cold.

. Dogs are wonderful foot, lap warmers.

. Use long curtains to the floor around doors and windows.

. Close thermal blinds during the day to keep the warmth in.

. Dont shave, even the legs ladies, this will help you keep the warm air against your skin.

Id love to hear your tips, so keep em coming!

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