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Monday, December 20, 2010

After the BOV Died

By Joseph Parish

Well folks the balloon has finally gone up and you quickly pack up your bug out vehicle and secured your home the best that you can. You grab up the young ones and you and the wife jump into the car and you are off towards your destination. The goal is now to get safely to the survival retreat where you and your family will be safe.  

As you are traveling along US Route 95 you suddenly develop serious vehicle problems. You stop the car, get out and start to investigate. After a few minutes you conclude that the problem is beyond your ability and given amount of time to repair. You look in the back of your car and wonder how you will get your supplies and family to the retreat now. That is where we come in.

Few survivalists give adequate preparations for scenarios such as those listed above. It is those times when a few pieces of hiking or backpack equipment would come in handy. When selecting and preparing for this possibility you should choose your necessary equipment very carefully. 

When you shop for your backpack or hiking supplies do so with the thought of lightness clearly in mind. Remember in addition to the gear you will be carrying you must also include your food and water, a tent, basic first aid supplies, as well as a means of starting a fire. A footnote on your food and water, few people consider that if they must take cans of food with them they should remember to pack a can opener. Nothing can be worse then getting ready to eat a badly needed meal in the evening and finding you didn’t bring a means of opening a can with you. Select foods which may not necessarily require cooking unless you want to include a small set of camping pots and pans as well. 

You will be on foot so don’t forget a map and a compass so you can track your progress as you advance along. Include some sort of knife in your list of supplies. Since you will likely be traveling during the day include a pair of sunglasses and several containers of sun screen. A windup flashlight will come in handy for both night travel and for use within your tent at night. Add to this some rain gear such as a poncho and clothing and you are just about set to go.

That brings us now to one of the major components that you will need to decide upon and that is your tent. This selection may not be the simplest task you will undertake but you must select a good quality tent. Frequently a tent is designed for use within specific weather environments and seasons. You may discover that the popular all season tents simply is not suitable for winter use as you are hiking towards your mountain retreat. 

Tents are classified according to the season of use. A 3 season tent is suitable for all but the coldest of winter weather. You will find a 4 season tent to be suitable in a wide range of conditions including those of extreme cold weather. Lastly we have the all season tent which is the one most people carry in their automobile.  

Naturally you will require a tent of appropriate size to handy all the people in your party. Many people often purchase larger tents than necessary but keep in mind you will need to carry this item in the event you end up walking to your retreat therefore the weight must be taken into consideration. Purchase a tent that will be easy to set up and take down. The A frame or the dome tents are likely to be the simplest to use. 

Well you have the bare basics listed here so you can take it from here. You will want to add your own personal wants and desires as you build up your kit. No one can say with any certainty that one kit can fit all.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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