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Friday, December 3, 2010

Surviving with Limited Technology

In our everyday lives we have become very dependent upon technology. Many times that technology is based primarily on providing instantly for our needs. We flip a switch when we need light, turn a knob or press a button to cook our food or turn a key to start the motor for our means of transportation. We instantly have solved our problem and need look no further for a solution. The problem is solved and we move on the next item on our agenda. Surviving without technology will be a lot harder than most people can imagine.
We often seek ways to limit our dependence on technology by substituting even more technology and not less. A prime example of this is solar power. This is a great way to limit your dependence on the grid and give you a little more freedom and independence but it is still replacing one form of technology with another. If you don’t think so, try building a solar cell or a battery from scratch. You can probably make a hoe but you would probably have a difficult time making a tiller. Providing of course you could find the fuel to power it. No matter what form it takes, technology is woven into the very fabric of our society and our existence. The level or limits of the technology available will simply make our lives easier or a whole lot harder than we can imagine.
It’s easier to cook our food, travel from one place to another quickly and easily or communicate with others no matter where they are located. Technology makes our lives much simpler and easier but it is in the absence of technology where we will have the real problem. The materials and skills needed to replicate much of our technology are well beyond those of the average person.
In the true absence of technology, our lives will become much harder. Your options for obtaining the minimum needs for your survival will become severely limited and be dependent upon your skills and abilities. At some level, we will always require a certain amount of technology to survive. With limited technology, your survival will depend upon the level of technology that you can live with and how much you can live without.
Remember, it’s a lot easier to make a candle than it is to build a flashlight.
Staying above the water line!

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