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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Ready Now

By Joseph Parish
For several years now I have stressed how important it is for us to store up food for upcoming emergencies. Although it might at first appear that we are unable to prepare for each and every emergency situation we must at least try to be prepared. 

The ideal amount of food to be stored up for a family would be a sufficient amount to hold them over for one complete year. This may initially sound like a lot of food however if accomplished on a regular basis can be completed efficiently and without busting ones budget. 

You can initially start your preparedness by accumulating some basic food necessities. These foods would be those which are the simplest and quickest to prepare but would still sustain life. These foods could encompass various grains, beans and legumes, honey for sweetening foods, salt, cooking oil and packages of powdered milk. After one has gathered enough of these basics to hold the family over for a year it would then be appropriate to expand the food selection into those products which family members may consider “nice to haves”. 

A man’s wisdom can often be judged by how prepared they are for any eventual emergency as opposed to his material wealth or influential. In this case we could say that he is wise in storing up a years worth of food. I continually tell people that they can not rely upon the government to help them in a disaster situation and must tae the initiative to help themselves. I have been pushing this issue now for the past ten years and urge all my readers to take the reins and let their family and neighbors know to get these food supplies ready.

We can turn on our television set every evening or read the morning newspaper and tell at a glance that our economy is quickly failing. We are now on the verge of famine where we will experience difficulties buying food in our local grocery stores. Disasters are striking in just about every region of our nation and could affect your area as well.

Most people will flat out state that they can not afford to store up a years supply of food. They claim their budget simply will not allow such things to happen. In reality this is nothing more then a weak excuse to do nothing about the situation. These very people do not need to drop their budgets in order to be prepared as they build up their food supplies they merely need a plan. Each week many of us save a small portion of our paychecks in order to create a buffer zone in the event of a personal emergency. You should do the same with your emergency food storage as well. Regular purchases of small quantities of food will quickly add up if done on a routine basis. Add to these purchases your personally canned or dehydrated foods from your garden and you are well on your way to seeing that years supply of food.

Notice above I said to add to your supplies by the addition of canned foods or dehydrated storage products. Take the time to learn these skills as you will find it useful not only now but in the future as well. One thing I am reminded of from some of my friends is that they claim a man can not learn to do these kitchen essentials. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you. I have learned and can do dehydrating, canning and freezing of foods with the best of them. Survival has no male or female skills; we need to learn it all.
Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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