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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SHOE-GOO is a "Shoo-In" For Survival Repair

Eclectic Products 110016 3.7oz Shoe Goo GlueI love "The Original SHOE-GOO" in a red and white tube, initially brought on the market, if I recall correctly, to affix loose soles to tenny-runners when high ticket jogging footwear came on the scene some years ago.

I was late in "discovering" it for that...and then with a tube kept 'round the house, I found myself reaching for it more and more. Cheapest place to buy it is W-M where they seem to delight in moving its location around, but generally can be found on an endcap display area.

Nowadays I am stocking ahead on it. The S-G people package it very, very well; a solid tube, affixed with an air-tight form-fitted "bubble" over it to hold it against cardboard sales display backing. And when I stash it in my Glue & Paste Tub (system described in Articles Section) and snap on the tight lid, I don't fear it drying out and becoming unusuable due to environmental problems.

It's great mend holes in rubber gum boots, fix tennis shoes, build up areas of a sole that get worn, and was uber-impressed when I repaired both sets of my lined, expensive deer-hide gloves that seem to no longer be manufactured (painting it on with a brush so it dries like a new app of leather.) Its uses are probably only held within the parameters of your own imagination as a dandy repair product and barter item.

Husband's pair of black wingtips that he wears once a week for two hours now need a bit of repair to adhere sole to upper. In scrutinizing, I saw a few feathery leather cracks in crease area. Will delicately paint on very thin veneer of S-G to "weld" the stress areas together, when dried give it a whisk of Black Permanent Marker. When dry apply polish, buff, and they should last another year or two. Maybe for "the duration" for dress wear.

We haven't yet got where we don't gamble by purchasing unripe green bananas. Yet.

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