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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prepper’s New Years Resolutions

Yes, it’s that time of year again. That time to make those New Year’s Resolutions.  Those promises we make to ourselves for the upcoming year, which many of us never keep. The “I’m going to lose weight… I’m going to exercise more… I’m going to eat healthier… I’m going to be on time for work everyday… etc.”  I think we’ve all been there.
Well this year, why not consider adding some or all of the following resolutions, designed for the prepper-minded to complete.  This is also a great list for beginners to get their feet wet and get started in prepping. While resolution #4 may be difficult (but important!), the rest of them should be fairly easy to complete.

#1 Get a Disaster/Emergency Binder completed. In a previous post titled ‘Disaster Preparedness Binder‘, we discussed the importance of having a binder handy in your home for all family members to be able to reference.  Especially if you have latch-key kids or anyone in the house who may not remember all the right things to do in an emergency, this binder could literally be a life saver.
The binder should include step by step instructions (with photos) of how to shut off the gas, water and electricity leading to your house, which could prevent a real disaster from occurring. Include a list of emergency contacts (including insurances, doctor, etc..) along with a list of pre-determined items to take with you if you and your family had to evacuate.

#2 Get a 72 hour kit in ALL of your vehicles. In a previous post ‘72 Hour kit‘ we discussed the importance of having a 72 hour emergency kit in your vehicle, along with a video showing one example of a home-made kit. This should be a must for everyone.  The reality is that you never know when you may become stranded.  Maybe not for 72 hours, but the contents of a kit can provide much needed comfort even you are stuck for a few hours in a snow storm or even a commute nightmare!
There have been a few nights when our kit provided us with an impromptu dinner in the car as we waited for a bridge to reopen during our commute home.  Just remember to replenish what you use!  And don’t forget to keep good quality maps in your vehicle, as discussed in this post, ‘Maps and Direction‘.

#3 Get your food storage up to at least a 30 day supply.  Even if you are struggling financially you can still take advantage of sales and coupons to increase your food storage.  Not only will this give you a food supply, but you will save money in the long run as prices will only keep increasing.
There are many posts throughout our site regarding food storage, such as, ‘Store the Food You Will Eat“.  Please reference them and build your storage.  Set a goal to have a 30 day supply built up within 2 months.  That’s 2 months to load up…..a completely doable resolution!

#4 Get yourself out of debt! This one may be a tough one for some of you.  But you have to start somewhere.  Look at your spending habits, and come up with ways to reduce your expenses.  Then put that money towards paying off your debt. You can reference some previous posts such as ‘3 Simple Ways To Save More Money‘, or ‘Survival Preparedness With Limited Resources‘, and ‘Kill All Credit Card Debt‘, which you may find helpful.

If you are a beginning prepper, we wish you success in starting your preparedness plan in 2011. If you are an experienced prepper, then good for you, and keep up the good work!
Have a Happy and SAFE New Year from both of us at Modern Survival Blog!

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