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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need More Digital Storage?

So many of our devices that we use every day have storage space on them for important documents we might need on a daily basis or even an emergency.  At my job I keep the extra import/export and customs documents both in Hard copy and on a USB flash drive just in case something happens to my documents.  For example if my vehicle gets broken into while I'm in a store and my customs papers get stolen I'll be able to go to any computer with a printer and print out new ones.  Since i keep the tiny USB Flash Drive on my key chain it's rarely out of my view.  I use a Verbatim Tuff n' Tiny USB Drive which is small enough that I don't really notice I have a card on my keys.

I also keep critical documents like a copy of my passport on this USB flash drive for if I loose my passport that I need to cross the boarder.  Any documents that contain personal data that could be used to harm me I use truecrypt to encrypt them on any storage media I hold those documents on.  Truecrypt is free and open source so any security risks can be found easily by a community of people around the world and fixed day or night.

So if you think about it if you use truecrypt to store important information on various storage devices that you carry on a daily basis you will probably never be without important documents when you need them and if your home burns down when you are away and you lose all your data on computers, hard drives and all your backups you'll at least have the important stuff on you!  Everything from basic cellular phones to your iPod have storage space that you can put a truecrypt drive on and keep information.

I've got a 120gb iPod but I have nowhere near 120gb of music.  I took Truecrypt and encrypted 50gb of my iPod's storage and keep things like family pictures, a couple home videos and scanned copies of my Birth Certificate and other important documents.  I also set up Truecrypt to fry the data so to speak if someone uses the wrong password 5 times.  Basically if you try to guess my password you better crack it in less than 5 tries because Truecrypt will destroy the data on the fifth try if you don't get it. 

I've also got a very basic feature cell phone.  It doesn't have a data plan, email or web browsing features. I just don't need them.  It does use a Micro SD flash card so I got a 32gb micro SD Card and keep some stuff there too!

With this set up if all my computers, hard drives and back-ups where to be destroyed I'd at least have my pictures and some of my important documents!

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  1. Truecrypt is great but the problem with this program is the need for admin rights to be able to use the program. Putting truecrypt encrypted files on a drive will be a challenge if the files are needed and no computer with admin account is available.