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Sunday, January 9, 2011

SAS Urban Survival Handbook

John ‘Lofty” Wiseman’s SAS Survival Handbook is a reknowned classic amongst the emergency preparedness / wilderness survival circles. It has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.  In face, I keep a copy of this book in my bug out bag.

However, not many of us would be found trapped in the wilderness, behind enemy lines.  A more useful book “for the rest of us” is the  SAS Urban Survival Handbook.
In the book, John Wiseman shows you strategies and techniques for:
- combating the problems and stresses of urban life for you and your family; making and keeping your home safe
- avoiding accidents and injury from tools, chemicals, and poisonous plants; insuring home security;
- dealing with travel dangers;
- combating threats from letter bombs, hijack, and kidnap;
- coping with natural disasters.
The book also  includes self–defense techniques to counter attacks of all kinds, first–aid procedures, skills for saving a life, and much more.
Buy the SAS Urban Survival Handbook

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