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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Personal RV Bug out Bus

By Joseph Parish

First off, it is common knowledge that school buses are built extremely tough and will take a beating if need be. In general, most are powered by diesel engines so that offers some economy in the way of fuel considerations. Buses usually present a much higher ground clearance than you would find on a normal factory built RV. One of the major advantages of the bus is that it is large enough to accommodate a complete living quarters after the conversion is complete. Best of all is that they are extremely common in just about every town in America; in fact usually even the small towns will have at least 15 to 20 school buses in operation.

Due to their large size they can haul a considerable amount of weight while using nothing more then standard size truck tires. Granted major repairs could be costly however if you happen to be handy with a screwdriver and a wrench you can likely handle most repairs yourself.

If something like this sounds interesting you may also cherish the idea that these used buses are available very inexpensively and can often be purchased for anywhere from five thousand dollars or less. Generally, they are well maintained and most communities require the owners to replace their buses on a regular schedule so the ones you purchase would not necessarily be excessively old.

Since most bug out situations will involve some form of natural disaster the mere fact of having a fully stocked and ready to go RV would be a great asset. You would only have to jump in and drive your family out of harm's way. Bus tend to serve this function well.

Naturally you would want to paint the bus a color other than the usual school bus yellow. Personally I would choose a dark olive green to match the surroundings of the wooded areas where I would bug out too.
On the down side of all of this is that the conversion process can be a long drawn out course of action. But in the end you will have some piece of mind knowing your family will be safe in an emergency.
Copyright © 2010 Joseph Parish


  1. I think that is really interesting, I would have never thought to use a school bus and convert it into an RV. What an idea! Thanks!

  2. If you want to know more about converting buses and Panel Vans into Bug out Campers have a look at

  3. If you are a diesel mechanic then disregard what I'm going to say. Older diesels have major problems. Sometimes they are simple problems but it still costs a $1000 to fix it. Then it happens again in a few weeks and it's another $1000, etc., etc. With a few exceptions most mechanically inclined people can fix a gasoline engine or at least get it running so you can drive it to the repair shop. Not true with an old cranky engine.