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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Storing your BOB for quick retrieval

By Joseph Parish

After all of your hard work you have finally managed to create what you believe is the perfect Bug out Bag. It may have taken you mouths of hard work obtaining all your necessary products but you eventually did it. Now that you have the hard work completed you have to decide where would be the appropriate place to store this valuable piece of survival gear.

This might at first seem like a simple question and answer but upon serious thought it isn’t as clear as one would expect. Your task now is to determine the best location to store your bag until you need it for an emergency. This kit is another of your survival “Insurance Guarantees” which go along with the 24 hour kit and your automobile survival kit. 

The main concept behind your kit is to be able to retrieve it quickly in the event it is needed for a bug out. We keep ours in a dark cool, dry closet off our living room. This type of environment is critical to preserve the foods which we keep inside of it as well as the liquids that are saved there. Any type of secure location would serve just fine as long as you can immediately get to it so you can periodically recheck its contents for currency and completeness. Remember, these check should be completed on a regular basis so you don’t want it to be hidden in an out of the way location. You would not want to be stumbling over holiday decorations in your efforts to get to your bug out bag.

Another not so desirable location would be your basement. Often times when things are placed in basements they are overlooked and frequently forgotten. This kit is too vital for your family’s life to be forgotten. 

In the event that you store any weapons in your bug out bag make certain that they are totally secure. The last thing you would want is for your children or any others child to get to your weapons. You could employ one of the combo locks to properly secure the compartment of your BOB which contains your weapons. 

The main idea here is to clearly keep in mind is that your BOB should be handy and ready to “grab and go” at a moments notice. These BOB’s must be readily accessible for a quick grab when needed. 

Lastly, I would like to remind you that you should seriously consider a vehicle BOB as well. This BOB would be crammed with items that are normally much too heavy for you to carry such as bulky supplies and which you have deemed to be vital. I will frequently leave both my normal BOB and the vehicles BOB in my BOV, that way its ready whenever I need to escape the area. There you have it folks now it’s up to you. Do you store it in a living room closet or the trunk of your BOV? This is a decision that you must decide yourself. 

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish

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