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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Post: Putting to much faith in BOBs is bad for your survival By Northern Raider

 I’m starting to get just a bit concerned about some folks putting their blind faith in Bug Out Bags and the issues involved in having all your eggs in one basket.

Try and imagine the worst case scenario happening and you according plan grab your BOB and head out into yonder wilderness with your life support system on your back.

Confident? Well Equipped?  Ready for Armageddon or a Tea Party Rally OK so what is your plan if you become SEPARATED from your BOB?

Suppose, just suppose for a moment you are crossing a river and your BOB gets swept away, or your  abseiling down the side of a hill and the bag breaks free and falls out of reach, consider being woken in the middle of the night to find a predator either with teeth or a gun has got the drop on you and the only choice is to run, Or you wake up to find your shelter ablaze and you only have time to get yourself to safety, or you get robbed, or the govt confiscates it, or more than likely when TSHTF you are at location A and your BOB is at location B.

Watcha going to do? (no ramboesque BS please).

Time after time proud Preppers have honoured me by asking them to critique their BOBS, and though not in all cases, in many I find these well prepped folks have ALL
their kit in a bag of some sort, but that bag is no good to you if you don’t have it with you when you need it.

I respectfully believe your essentials should be about your person, in your pockets, hanging off your belt etc (EDC style), not hanging on the back of the office door 10 floors away, or in the trunk of your car three streets away.
Now it is not my role to tell you what are the ‘ESSENTIALS’ in your survival plans that is for you to decide depending on your lifestyle, location and threat assessment, BUT surely ( Shirley)  such basic items as a

Gun ( US of A)

Lock knife
Multi Tool
Bandana / Kerchief
Specs / Shades
Some cash
Length of Paracord
Few Water Puri-tabs

should be your permanent companions at all times, this giving you a huge percentage increase in surviving should you be deprived from your BOB. Don’t forget Homers law “You wont have your bag when you need it most”  ‘Doh’

1 comment:

  1. My "bag" is broken down into three modules: My fanny pack which is essentially survival items. My day pack which includes those things which would allow me to survive for a night or two in the wild. And my backpack with which I could set out on a very long hike or survive in an urban setting. In addition I have my EDC. When I choose my day pack I either consolidate from my fanny pack or I carry both. When I choose my backpack I consolidate from my day pack and fanny pack (or carry the fanny pack too). I like carrying the fanny pack when I wear the backpack because it allows me to confidently make side trips without the larger pack or having to break camp. My list for the three packs is detailed and kept in each pack so I can check for completeness and outdated items. Additionally I have two large nylon bags; one contains winter clothing suitable to survive in the winter and the other contains summer clothing up to the challenge of the desert. Lastly I have my seven day food bag. I keep these in the closet when I'm home and I could find and select any of them in the dark. I use them on a regular basis when I travel/camp. Everything is tested, ready to go and right at hand.