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Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Downloads For You

Some things for you to download and read through. I know some of this is old hat for some folks, but there are always new folks waking up.

The jukebox is back up and running on the right. Just click on the little play button.

125 Jerky Recipes

Acorn Soup Recipe

25 Cent Backpack Stove

Baking Bread - The Beginners Guide

Bread Recipes

500 More Bread Recipes

Waxing Cans And Boxes For Storage

Quick Hard Cider Recipe


  1. All links/files checked as fine by Avast.
    I think Norton is giving you false positives.

  2. Possibly. Downloaded the jerky zip and it checked out without problems. Might be the AnyHub file server that has a reputation for sending other files that have had redirects or imbeded viruses, probably based on the four urls they list. My bad, just wanted to warn folks if your files had been hijacked. Thanks.

  3. Update: I do stand corrected. These files (zip and rar) check out, Symantec's reporting virus files that came from AnyHub's recently that did have viruses, based on Symantec's Malicious Web Site detector. Bottomline again: These files are good, but other files from other that used AnyHub have had viruses detected in them. Symantec worked to warn of the site, not the files. Thanks again.

  4. CAUTION: the website hosting these files tripped my anti-virus software. Stay Away.