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Friday, January 21, 2011

Prepare: Cities and Sieges

New York City Skyline from the Ferry
Ever read any history? Ever read about sieges? Do you live in a city?

A huge amount of the world's population lives in cities and surrounding urban areas. Big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Mexico City and so on.

During times of war, a common tactic of invading armies is to lay siege to a city rather than directly invade and fight house to house. The city instead is surrounded, shelled and bombed from a distance and entry and exit from the city, for resupply, is blocked.

The residents of the city are thus bombed daily all while rapidly running out of supplies. Eventually, the city surrenders en masse.

There are hundreds of examples of famous sieges in history. For those who are preparing, consider what it would be like if your home town was surrounded and cut off from the outside world.

Stories of survivors of famous city sieges tell us of what they ate after the regular food stores were depleted. Pets, birds, rats, sawdust bread and in some cases, each other. Ugh.

If you live in a city, have you considered what would happen if supply lines dried up and whatever you had in the house and surrounding area would have to suffice? Is there a water supply nearby? Do you have something to catch rainwater with?

Do you have a supply of ready to eat food at home now? Can't cook during a siege or the someone unwelcome might drop by and help themselves to all you have after they smell your food.

Is there anything around you which can be eaten? Do you have a garden? Are you growing something in it now? Are there any wild and natural edibles in your area?

What about animals and wildlife for food? I have squirells, rabbits and other small game out the wazoo where I live. You can also catch small birds or plink them for food. But those sources won't last long.

Do you know where some food might be hidden and overlooked by other survivors?

I would hate to be in a large city during a siege or if resupply had been cutoff from the outside world. There is not enough food to go around, producing food is difficult and there are too many who will take what you have, if anything.

If you live in a large urban area, think about it.
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1 comment:

  1. Want a modern example, remember the the "Siege of Sarajevo" its the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare.