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Monday, March 9, 2009

Audio Podcast: 10 Unspoken Principles Driving Modern Survivalism

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Today’s show is going to be a bit different. I sat down, read the forum, read the comments here and listened to some of my own shows and came up with 10 principles that seem to be driving the modern survivalist and modern self suffiency movements that aren’t really discussed as “survivalist concepts”. To me these 10 priciples are what bind us together, they have been written into our spirits by prior generations.

As you read them or as you listen to this show, ask yourself these questions about each one.

  1. Do you feel this way in your heart?
  2. Is this principle even if not discussed often one of the things really driving your decisions today?
  3. Can you hear your grandfather/grandmother saying these things?

Tune in today to hear me discuss the following priciples,

  • Debt is a tool like a gun, it does not belong in the hands of a fool
  • When something breaks you may not be able to replace it, so take care of things and learn to fix them
  • Hard work should be respected not avoided
  • To be dependent upon anyone is to be their slave
  • Knowledge is priceless - pass it down
  • Honor dictates that we consider our children before we act
  • Enjoy the sunshine today, it may and probably will rain tomorrow
  • A man’s word should be his bond
  • A title doesn’t make a man a leader, you can only lead people that willing choose to follow you because you have earned their respect
  • Knowledge with out application equals zero

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